Iron Bow Technologies – Cloud Platform Ads


Iron Bow, a technology company, was looking to market their Cloud Platform, Iron Target, to government agencies, contractors, and other companies within the DC area. Iron Bow needed to reach key decision makers through creative ads that were eye catching and easy to understand. Iron Bow’s marketing team already purchased ad space for digital banners, print ads in magazines and newspapers, e-newsletter and email sponsorships, and out of home placements in the DC Metro. With vendor due dates quickly approaching, they needed cohesive collateral that helped Iron Bow stand apart from their many competitors.

the process

I served as the project manager and worked with a creative team that included a designer, a copywriter, an assistant art director, a strategist, and an account manager. The extremely tight turnaround demanded that the team use their time efficiently, so I took the lead in gathering all requirements and ensuring that they were met in order to reduce the amount of time spent on revisions.

After establishing the requirements and confirming the specs with the client, the team began the concepting phase and presented 3 separate concepts to the client. After selecting the concept that they wanted to pursue, the design team got to work developing the other tactics, which were then approved by the client, and shared with Iron Bow’s marketing team. The project was considered a massive success, ending with a very happy client and coming in under the projected hours.

Print Ad – Full Page Magazine
Digital Ad – Banner
Out of Home Ad – DC Metro, L’Enfant Plaza

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